Our aim is to provide a platform for our members where you gain mutual benefits from this global network, this is what has helped us to becoming one of the most reliable logistic partners in the world. Therefore, getting onboard with JGC Group is an endorsement of your business where it aggregates value to your brand!

Apart from that, our network consists of a substantial number of companies, each with specialized skills. From the pre-loading of cargos to post-delivery, we oversee the process of transportation warehousing and distribution of goods on your behalf.

Member-owned logistic centers are spread throughout the world and will work closely with you to provide reliable, economical and customized logistical solutions to your clients and partners. Being a member of JGC, you have the access to this comprehensive list of logisitcis service providers. We are here to help you advance your independent international freight forwarding business. We can, and will, help you develop your business pipeline.