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Ni Hao, Welcome to Taipei!


Our 17th Annual Conference was held in Shangri-la Hotel Taipei on 14th-17th November 2019. The annual conference was a success, with more than 50 logistic professionals participating worldwide. Apart from that, it was with great pleasure to welcome several new members at our annual conference.

Delegates were welcomed at ‘Welcoming Cocktail’ where they get to mingle around while having glasses of tasty cocktails. To top up the excitement, there was a photo booth set up and our delegates were provided with props such as colourful wigs and champagne sticks for some fun and memorable photo sessions.

On the morning of 15th November, the event was officiated by the president of JGC Line, Mr. Peter Sequeira. The session then continued with a short speech by our premium sponsor, Mr. Bryan Fang, the President of Infinity Logistics International Co. Ltd. After that, it was followed by introductions given by our new members, briefly presenting their companies and services offered.

The second day resumed with more interactive sessions between delegates. These sessions have provided a platform for delegates from every participating country to exchange ideas, discuss about government policies of each country and most importantly, explore the possibilities of cross border collaborations within and possibly, beyond industries.

On the last day, where the weather was pleasant, delegates were gathered and brought on an enjoyable city tour around Taipei City. The first stop was to visit the historical National Palace Museum. Delegates were all mesmerised by the beauty of the Jadeite Cabbage and other historical pieces that were exhibited. Next, we visited the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall where delegates got to see the national monument of Chiang Kai Shek and witnessed the guard-changing ceremony. The city tour was ended with indulgence in some of the well known local delicacies recommended by locals and that summed up our city tour.

Last but not least, attendees of the conference dressed up for our Gala Dinner, themed The Oscars and walked down the red carpet like celebrities to commemorate the success of our Annual Conference. The black tie dinner was accompanied by performances such as Traditional Chinese Music performance, cultural dance performance and etc. We were certainly fascinated by the eye -catching traditional costumes and dance moves by one of the largest Taiwanese aborigine tribes, the Amis Tribe. We
also had a surprise birthday party for our long-time member, Mr. John Keyzer as a token of appreciation for his contribution and show of support toward the organisation throughout the years. And so, everyone danced through the night.

That marked the end of 2019 JGC Annual Conference.

To see more photos of our 17th Annual Conference, please visit this link below.